Make-a-Thon: Coding | Making | Problem Solving

Are you ready to accept a challenge that will combine sensors, motors, programming and prototyping?

Level Up Your Study Space

Select from one of the following themes:

  • Improve the air quality – take care of a plant or seedling
  • Keep your cool – develop a prototype to increase the air flow
  • Just step away – monitor your time at your desk and trigger reminders to take breaks
  • Make a study buddy that is more interactive than a pet rock

Getting Started

  1. Check out the contents of the kit you picked up at CLC. Or if you prefer, you can use your own electronics. You will find more details on the Arduino drivers in the “Getting Started” note in the kit.
  2. Create a Make: Projects account. This is where you will post the images and video for the final submission.

Competition Rules

  1.  The action of your prototype must be triggered by a sensor(s)
  2. Submit the video and details in Make Projects by April 15 at 10pm
    1. Post the theme of your prototype
    2. Sensor and motor or other action combinations you chose
    3. 1:30 to 2 minute video; you can narrate the action or type a description

The judges will be reviewing the prototypes submitted by April 15 and looking for winners in the following categories:

  • Most Aesthetically Pleasing – Everyone is going to want this stylish contraption
  • Entrepreneurship Expert – This solution to a practical problem is ready for the market
  • Super Engineered – Thinking outside the kit and adding extra electronics to take it to the next level

The prototypes are split in to two divisions:

  1. High school entries
  2. College entries.
    Three $20 gift cards purchased from local companies
    (Gurnee Donuts, Lovin Oven Cakery, and Somethings
    Brewing) will be awarded for each division.