Maker Faire Lake County Logo Contest

What image springs to mind when you hear “Lake County”? Do you think of rollercoasters, farm fields or the College of Lake County?  As Maker Faire Lake County approaches, we are looking for a logo that captures the spirit of our county.

Start with a 3 inch circle and select your favorite red and blue media. It could be crayons, colored pencils or graphic design software, your choice! Make sure to include the words “Maker Faire Lake County” somewhere in your design.

Check out a few sample logos from around the world:

To submit your entry, take a clear picture of your design and upload it with your contact information using this form.

All of the submissions will be displayed on the Maker Faire Lake County website. A link will be provided here and on the Facebook clcengineering page for the general public to vote. The top 3 entries in each category will be awarded gift cards purchased from local companies.

  • Gurnee Donuts gift cards are awarded for the Grade 3 to 5 and Grade 6 to 8 categories
  • Something’s Brewing gift cards are awarded for the Grade 9 to 12 and college students
  • Lovin Oven gift cards are awarded to community members and professional graphic artists

Prizes: $20 gift card for 1st place, $15 gift card for 2nd place and $10 gift card for 3rd place in each category

Stickers will be created from the top entry in each category. Each Maker kit for the “Be a Maker” tutorial session on April 17th will contain those stickers.

Submission deadline: March 12th