Answer this Call for Makers and join the biggest show-and-tell in Lake County! 

YOU are a Maker if you craft, build, create, design, tinker and tweak just about anything.  Show it at the Maker Faire! 
What will you Make?

Online Maker forum

If you would like to submit an application for a project posted online with no live component on April 17, please create a profile on Make: Projects.

The Maker Faire Lake County template will enable you to share project details and interact with other makers in an online forum.

Apply to one of 4 tracks to participate in the Live virtual event April 17th.

  • Be a Maker: Workshop – Provide a tutorial that will enable other makers to work along with your presentation. If possible, incorporate items that most makers would already have around their home. Plan on participating in Q&A live with the viewers.
  • Maker Showcase or Tour – Here is your opportunity to show us how you made that amazing project or take us on a tour of your work space. We can take advantage of this virtual format to get a sneak peek in to spaces all around the county. Plan on participating in Q&A live with the viewers.
  • Technology showcase – Makers are always interested in learning more about the technology available to use in a project or build for themselves. Inspire us with the possibilities. Plan on participating in Q&A live with the viewers.
  • 5 Minute Lightning talk – Pre-record your talk to be added to the Maker Faire Channel.

Interested in applying, but not sure you have the right technology. We can help.

All applicants will be notified of approval after being reviewed by a committee.

Suggestions for topics to showcase:

  • Bicycles and Human-Powered Machines 
  • Digital Fabrication – 3D Printers, CNC, Laser vectoring, etc. 
  • Drones
  • Electric vehicles
  • Electronics
  • How to fix things (appliances, clocks, etc.)
  • Interactive art and technology projects
  • Inventions of all types
  • Puppets, kites and clever creations
  • Radios, computers, game systems
  • Robotics, rockets, and remote-controlled toys
  • Science, biology, chemistry projects
  • Student projects
  • Sustainability and green technology
  • Upcycling
  • Unusual tools or machines
  • Wearables and E-Textiles 
  • Young Makers and  School Maker Clubs